Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bagwell is either very clean, or very dumb

At the Winter Caravan stop today in Round Rock, Jeff Bagwell answered some questions about everyone's favorite reformed juicer, Mark McGwire:

Mark McGwire will never be inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, former Astros great Jeff Bagwell said Tuesday, but the Houston first baseman stopped short of saying the Cardinals slugger shouldn’t receive that honor.

Come on, Kirk, what did he say?
Asked if he thought McGwire will get in the Hall after already falling short of the 75 percent minimum votes four times and never receiving more than 24 percent, Bagwell said, “I do not. I’ve always said this.”

When he was asked during the Astros caravan stop at the Round Rock Express if he thought the 12-time All-Star who hit 583 home runs for the eighth most all time deserves to be inducted, Bagwell said, “This is a hard question. That will be talked about later down the line. But it was not like a shocking revelation.”