Friday, January 15, 2010

Arbitration filing deadline is today

Not for the Astros, yet. A note on the timeline of how this works in the coming weeks:

Today: Deadline for filing for arbitration
Jan 20: Players and clubs exchange offers
Feb 1-21: Formal hearings, if an agreement is not reached.

But there are some teams who have avoided arbitration by signing some players. Such as:

The Diamondbacks re-signed Conor Jackson:
Jackson signed a deal worth $3.1m, a slight increase over the $3.05m he made in 2009.

The Braves re-signed Melky Cabrera:
Signed $3.1m deal, after making $1.4m in 2009.

The Rockies re-signed relievers Randy Flores and Matt Belisle:
Flores signed a $650,000 deal
Belisle signed an $850,000 deal

Further arbitration "settlements":

Dodgers' Chad Billingsley (note: Wandy alert!): $3.85m
Rockies' Jorge de la Rosa: $5.6m
Rockies' Taylor Buchholz: $1.055m

The Rangers settled with Brandon McCarthy for $1.32m.

As more arbitration figures come in for players in positions similar to the Astros' arbitration-eligibles, we'll post them here...