Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wade, on what to address next

Short version: Third base.

Long version:

“We're leaving here with some pieces in place and some flexibility remaining. It was conceivable when we made it here on Sunday night that we would have been leaving here with one or two pieces in place and no flexibility and (some) needs remaining. So I think in that regard we're better off. Now, from a performance standpoint, replacing Valverde and Hawkins and (Miguel) Tejada and all those other guys we're going to have to prove it on the field. But from the standpoint knowing that we had some things we needed to address I think we've done a good job."

On Third Base:
“You got Feliz and Uribe and a couple of other guys out there in a free agent environment that would fit the need at third base. There are some trade possibilities as well. We've had some conversations with some clubs where we might be able to do something. Again, we think Blum's done a terrific job for us and Geoff will get a lot of playing time whether it's being earmarked as the front-line third baseman or getting a lot of playing time at a several different positions. We think he'll get his at-bats and at the same time we think that we can probably do something that will either augment what he does or give us somebody that can step in on a more front-line basis and be a more prototypical third base bat...

...I'd still like to bump the offense a little bit if we could. We know we have potential needs in the outfield, backup outfielders. That particular issue we'll let drift down the road. If something falls on our laps sooner rather than later we'll move on it, but I think having a few dollars to spend and patience could reap some benefits later in December or January. There's a lot of players who are still out there. I'm sure there'll be more players over the weekend with the non-tenders. The market will increase over the weekend.”

No. There aren't needs with backup outfielders. There are a couple of options in Triple-A. Bring them up. Whether it's Abercrombie or Bogusevic, they will suffice as 4th/5th outfielders. Pardon, they will suffice at replacing Darin Erstad as a 4th/5th outfielder.