Monday, December 7, 2009

Wade backing off Chris Johnson?

It's something we've had an idea about, what with the re-signing of Geoff Blum and the active rumors that Easy Eddie is looking to upgrade at 3B, but McTaggart McTaggart has new words from Ed Wade indicating that he is backing away from Chris Johnson like a robber easing out of a bank:

"We like the job Geoff Blum has done us the last two years or we wouldn't have signed him. Geoff did a tremendous job for us defensively and has done a pretty good job overall. We just look at our situation, and if there's a way to tweak the offense a little bit, we'll try to do something like that. Keppinger can play over there, and [Blum and Keppinger] did a good job for us. Both can play around in the infield and help us. Keppinger's a very professional hitter and did a good job after he came over here. We've got Chris Johnson, and we still think he had a chance to be an outstanding big league player, whether that happens on Opening Day this year or down the road remains to be seen."

Recap: Blum Blum Blum, Keppinger Keppinger, Blum, oh yeah, we've got Chris Johnson.