Monday, December 14, 2009

Other GMs pissed at Ed Wade

Alyson Footer's new post on the Astros' contract with Brandon Lyon details how other GMs ain't happy. Why?

Because every contract helps set the market for every other contract.

A couple of thoughts immediately came to mind when I read some of the media reports. "Disbelief" from "rival GMs" can also be interpreted as "disgust" from "GMs desperately looking for relief pitching," because the Lyon signing helped to set the market for late-inning relievers. The hefty price tag will make it that much more difficult for teams to find affordable relief help. That makes GMs grumpy...

...Lyon's contract is without question on the generous side, and I admit I was surprised when I heard the dollar figure. But after reading some of the comments from GMs who were also in heavy pursuit of Lyon, I started to see Ed Wade's logic on this one...

...It comes down to three possible outcomes. Lyon could work himself into a setup role with Lindstrom closing, which would mean the Astros are paying more than a setup man is worth. Or, Lyon becomes the closer, and the Astros get a relative bargain at $5 mill a year. Or, Lyon is ineffective in setup and closing roles, in which case the contract will be lambasted. And understandably so.

But to me, it comes down to this: If the Astros are going to overpay, I'd rather it be for pitching.