Friday, December 18, 2009

A note on Halladay leads to a note on Oswalt

Of course Jayson Stark is writing about Roy Halladay. But we do get a little love for Oswalt.

In a little statistical analysis on the record of the Blue Jays when Halladay pitched, as opposed to the other four guys, there's a startling stat:
When Halladay has started a game since 2002, the Blue Jays have gone 149-89. That's a .654 winning percentage. In other words, when he's had the ball, they've played like a 106-win team...

...-- but 71 games under .500 when any other Blue Jay pitched. When anyone else started, they went 493-564. That's a .466 winning percentage.

He calls it the "Roy Halladay Effect." And Roy-O comes close to it.

When Oswalt has pitched in the same span of time, the Astros were 151-96 for a .611 win%, but 516-532 (.492) when he didn't. That's a difference of .119 points. Only Johan Santana (.134) and Halladay (.188) have a better differential.