Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I bet Drayton isn't so happy for us to see this

This came out back in April, but it certainly is worth another post in a year of cost-cutting, Valverde-dropping, and Brandon Lyon-signing.

What we have here is the Forbes' list of the business of baseball, in which we see the following:

Team value: $445 million (12th-highest in baseball).
This is down 4% from 2008, and the Astros were among ten teams who saw a decline in team value.

But were up 9% in what Forbes calls the annual value change (current team value compared with latest transaction price).

Revenue: $194 million (11th-highest)

Operating income: $17 million
Player expenses: $111 million
Gate receipts: $78 million

When the 2009 numbers come out in April, we'll take another look at this, because all numbers involved will likely go down, thanks to all those empty seats.