Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Enos Cabell on Astroline

Alyson Footer handled the tweeting during Astroline with Enos Cabell. What did There Once Was a Man Named Enos have to say?

On Pedro Feliz:
"He plays great defense. He played a lot of games last year. (The Phillies) kind of ran him down. With Blum there, Blum can rest him...With the short left field porch, I think he's going to hit a lot of home runs."

On Manzella:
Manzella can really play defense. If you have a great defensive team on the left and the right side, with our young pitching throwing strikes, we should be very effective. We're still looking for another middle infielder in case anything happens to Manzella."

On Lindstrom:
"We see him as our closer. (Que interesante!) He's 6-3, 220 pounds and he throws hard. We needed somebody to make sure can close out a game.

But. Hey. What about the $15 million man? The guy that Ed paid about $8 million more than the last 8th inning guy who just signed with the Brewers?
He's been a stopper before. Once we lost Valverde, we tried to cover the back end and that's the key. He's more of a veteran than Lindstrom and he can step in if Lindstrom struggles.

On Castro:
It'll be up to him how he plays if he breaks with team after Spring Training. This kid is smart, he played really well. He moves so fast it's unbelievable. If he can catch in Spring Training & catch our pitching, catch our starting rotation, he might make the team."

That's a whole lot of interesting, right there.