Saturday, December 12, 2009

Astros sign Edgar Ferreira

Jorge Arangure, Jr is reoprting the Astros have signed LHP Edgar Ferreira for $350,000. Some notes:

Ferreira just turned 17 (Oct 15, 1992), and has thrown 93-94mph in workouts.

A forum at Sign-on San Diego says that Arangure named Ferreira the top amateur (previously) un-signed pitcher in the Dominican.

Baseball America named Ferreira the 11th-best Latin American prospect. called Ferreira "raw" with a 90-91mph fastball.


OremLK said...

Hopefully he's actually 17... I would assume he still has projection left in his frame and if he's already throwing as hard as 94 he could turn into a real flamethrower as he fills out.

That's a lot of heat from a LHP.

Sounds like a good signing.

The Constable. said...

I'm with you. Hopefully with Arangure publicly stating his DOB, that means it's been verified, and he's not 31.

Anonymous said...

the Astros are headed in the right direction...2012 is the year to look forward more Berkman (he's such a pre-madonna) more Oswalt..last year of Lee...the future looks bright..

jphelps said...

Anon - I can't wait til we get rid of our three best players either! GD Pre-Madonna's (sic).