Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roy can expect a phone call here soon

Buster Olney's new blog post this morning leads off with a quick story on Roy:

When Roy Oswalt went through his back trouble last season, specialists recommended that he go through a regimen of swimming, and the Astros expect that he'll be ready to go at full speed when spring training begins. New Houston manager Brad Mills and GM Ed Wade will soon meet with Oswalt, in a get-to-know conversation for Mills, who chatted up Lance Berkman and Carlos Lee last month.

That's good news for us, as Roy is the anchor of the rotation. And since we'll be holding our breath to see if Wandy's 2009 season was the real deal, Roy really needs to be healthy.

Olney then goes on to put the Astros' 2010 payroll in the $90-93 million range. We'll look a little bit later today at what $93 million will get them this year...