Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reflexology: Kaz Matsui

"Reflexology" is a new series we're unveiling here at Astros County in which we take a look at the immediate comments and reactions to significant moves within the Astros' organization. It actually came out of a Twitter exchange with Zach Levine in which he linked to the Chronicle's story on the December 2007 signing of Kaz Matsui. So let's look at the comments left on the Chronicle's article:

Junction Jack
So Wade coughed up an additional .5 mil a year for this guy? Amazing... An injury prone 32 y.o. who has not played more than 114 games in his 4 MLB seasons and who has a lifetime .325 OBP and a .249 BA/.304 OBP away from Coors last year. How on earth does one see this guy as a starting 2nd basemen or a fit for the #2 hole? At his age, are we to believe that this guy will suddenly stay healthy and match his glory days in Japan? Maybe somehow this will work out....but based on age and MLB performance this signing looks awful. Burke was horrid last year, but at 5 years younger and 5ml less per year, he would be a much more cost effective low risk option. But yet another shuffling of the deck that has not made the team any better- maybe even worse. With the closer hole in the pen that Wade created when he traded for an unproven CF / leadoff hitter, this team is still currently worse than before all of these moves.

3 more moves left and i think most everyone in Houston will be impressed with Wade. Find a closer, add one quality starting pitcher, and work something to get a offense bat at short or third(still hope for Tejada). I think a good job so far.

i like this move. maybe not the best move possible but def an upgrade over what we were gonna have. like the possible trade moves it opens too. i say give the closer job to sarfate and let his 100 mph dominate. this next trade move will be the biggest for mr wade. we have to get some good quality for us to be more than a contender in the wild card

The ironically named Genius
I was tired of waiting for Burke to do something. I like this new second baseman and what he does for our lineup.

BAD MOVE. Matsui's lifetime OBP is .325. Ausmus's lifetime OBP is .326.Enough said.

Maybe Wade can find a semi-washed up shortstop to overpay so we can have a complementary infield. Oops we all ready have one. And then, maybe seeing these speed guys running hard back to the dugout will motivate Lance and Carlos.

I'm very excited about Matsui. He will be a big improvement over what we've been getting the last couple years at 2nd on both sides of the ball. If we could resign Loretta we would have a solid backup at all infield positions...he could spell Matsui against tough lefties.

This guy has never played more than 114 games in a year. And the only time he did that was his rookie year 4 years ago. So if the trend stays true we will have the our second stringer playing at least half of the games. How does Ed Wade expect that to get better with age?If you don't count his rookie year (50) Biggio AVERAGED 152 games a year. Four times he played all 162 and two other years he played 160. Burke has proven he can produce in pressure situations, his work ethic and training is unquestioned and he is 6 years younger than Kaz. Typically players get better defensively (Biggio's best stats were years 8-11) with consistent playing time.Kaz= aging, known back problems, never played a full year, Burke= young, proven producer, best years yet to come..............Another Former Astro doing somebody else a whole lotta good! Ed's not off to a good start.