Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Linares, on Lexington

In a catch-up with 2009 Greeneville manager Rodney Linares, he discusses his appointment as the manager of the 2010 Lexington Legends (where he was the hitting coach in 2005-06, before managing the Gastros):

"I love Lexington, love Kentucky, love the fans. It's a great town. I still talk with many of the people I met there."

We won't know about the minor league assignments until late March, but some players will skip Tri-City and play for their old manager on a new team:

The Astros' top draft choice in 2009, shortstop Jiovanni Mier, is expected to be with the Legends in 2010. Count Linares among those who were impressed with Mier during his debut season with Greeneville.

"People like Jiovanni Mier don't come around that often - a kid at his age who can be a leader on and off the field," Linares said. "His maturity level is so 'up there' that I wouldn't be surprised if it takes him in the next two or three years to being a starting shortstop in the big leagues."