Thursday, November 12, 2009

Greeneville Astros: Oscar Figueroa

Next up is infielder Oscar Figueroa. What's that you say? I know. I said we'd cover players with the higher-level team with which they played. However, Figueroa got 7ABs with Tri-City, from September 3-6. we are.

Oscar Figueroa
How did he get here?: Signed contract prior to 2006 season
Stats: 5'11", 154 lbs, Bats: Right Throws: Right
Age as of April 1, 2010: 22

Season line: 42 games, 149 PAs. 26x137 - .190/.236/.248 - 6XBH-14RBI. 21K:9BB

However, because Minor League Baseball only keeps the stats from the current team, we don't get a real good look at young Oscar Figueroa. So we'll have to do what we can.

K/PA rate: 14.1%
XBH/H rate: 23.1%
K:BB ratio: 2.33

This was Figueroa's first season in the States, after spending three seasons in the Venezuelan Summer League. So let's look at his three seasons under the above stats:

K/PA rate: 8.5%
XBH/H rate: 31.7%
K:BB ratio: 0.71

K/PA rate: 15.1%
XBH/H rate: 39.1%
K:BB ratio: 1.86

K/PA rate: 17.8%
XBH/H rate: 25%
K:BB ratio: 1.9

Based on his previous three years in the VSL, Figueroa's K/PA rate improved, as did his K:BB ratio. So adjusting doesn't seem to be an issue for Figueroa, he'll just need more time. Problem is, if he needs three years to master a level, he'll be approximately 61 years old when he's Major-League ready. And unless he's Satchel Paige, that ain't gonna cut it.

In the field, Figueroa played 19 games at 1B (5 errors in 170 chances, .971 Fld%), 13 games at SS (5 errors in 52 chances, .904 Fld%), 6 games at 2B (0 errors in 23 chances, 1.000 Fld%), and 1 game at 3B (1 error in 3 chances, .667 Fld%). Problem is, Aaron Bray kind of dominated at 1B, and the Astros drafted this Mier guy with their 1st Round pick who plays a pretty mean shortstop.

Citizen Steve, what say you on Oscar Figueroa?
Fan Favorite. A shortstop who played 1st and contributed to the high error rate among Mier & Meyer (IMO). Was expecting more from him based on Venezuelan stats, but turns out to be a roster filler.