Sunday, November 15, 2009

Greeneville Astros: Jiovanni Mier

Jiovanni Mier
How did he get here?: Drafted, 1st Round - 21st Overall (2009)
Stats: 6'2", 175 lbs, Bats: Right Throws: Right
Age as of April 1, 2010: 19

Season line: 51 games, 229 PAs. 53x192 - .276/.380/.484 - 20XBH-32RBI. 45K:30BB, 10SB/5CS

vs. LHP (35ABs): .314/.405/.543, 8K:4BB, 3XBH-5RBI
vs. RHP (157ABs): .268/.374/.471, 37K:26BB, 17XBH-27RBI

Home (86ABs): .256/.380/.488, 22K:17BB, 9XBH-16RBI
Away (106ABs): .292/.380/.481, 23K:13BB, 11XBH-16RBI

Bases Empty (97ABs): .258/.339/.454, 22K:8BB, 8XBH-5RBI
Runners on (95ABs): .295/.417/.516, 23K:22BB, 12XBH-27RBI
w/RISP (62ABs): .306/.432/.484, 17K:16BB, 7XBH-22RBI

June (16ABs): .188/.278/.313, 5K:1BB, 1XBH-2RBI
July (87ABs): .333/.443/.517, 16K:15BB, 9XBH-16RBI
August (86ABs): .221/.327/.453, 24K:14BB, 9XBH-11RBI
September (3ABs): .667/.500/1.333, 0K:0BB, 1XBH-3RBI

K/PA rate: 19.7%
XBH/H rate: 37.7%
K:BB ratio: 1.50

Mier, obviously as the 1st round pick, spent his entire season at shortstop, making 18 errors in 230 chances for a .922 Fld%. Citizen Steve mentioned earlier that Oscar Figueroa could be partially responsible for Mier/Meyer's error rate.

Mier, like Meyer, came right out of high school, and turned 19 during the season, so there is a learning curve/conditioning question (note the drop-off in OPS from July to August) involved. That said, what impresses me is not just the walks and the slugging, but the ascending lines from Bases Empty to Runners On to RISP (.793 to .932 to .916) I would look for Mier to open 2010 in Lexington.

Citizen Steve, what say you on Jiovanni Mier?
Best player on the team by far. Made many outstanding plays, and missed some easy ones (concentration?). He has a tendency to field some sharply-hit balls on his glove side instead of moving in front of them ("Ole!"), and has a very high ceiling. Mier is a nice kid with an easy smile, which will make him very marketable as he moves up.