Saturday, November 21, 2009

Greeneville Astros: Garrett Bullock

Long-time Astros fan Garrett Bullock came out of Wake Forest as an undrafted free agent.

Garrett Bullock
How did he get here?: Undrafted free agent
Stats: 6'3", 195 lbs, Throws: Left
Age as of April 1, 2010: 23

Splits (Greeneville only):

vs LHB2.17.71/1.292:2.111
vs RHB10.21.69/1.979:7.333
Bases Empty5x/2.806:6.333
Runners On8x/1.255:3.259

(Season total)
K/9 Rate: 7.0
BB/9 Rate: 6.1
Groundout/Flyout Rate: 1.77
K:BB Ratio: 1.15

Bullock started out with the GCL, where he threw 6IP, and was brought up to Greeneville on July 30. We're talking about an incredibly small sample size, so when a reliever gets 13 innings at one level, and then gives up 2ER in 0.2IP - his first game in Greeneville, it's going to screw some things up. So luckily, since he played 10 games for Greeneville, we can see the game-by-game breakdown. In his 10 Greeneville games, Bullock gave up earned runs in two of them, he had 3+ out appearances in seven of the ten, and didn't give up an earned run in any of them (because, well, if you give up earned runs as a reliever, you're not going to be sticking around). He had two perfect outings in those ten games, so the walks are obviously going to need to come down.