Thursday, November 19, 2009

Greeneville Astros: Bubby Williams

Completing our look at the hitters of the Greeneville Astros is catcher Bubby Williams.

David "Bubby" Williams
How did he get here?: Drafted in 11th round (2009)
Stats: 6'0", 190 lbs, Bats: Right Throws: Right
Age as of April 1, 2010: 21

Season line: 39 games, 138 PAs, 26x129 - .202/.239/.341, 42K:4BB, 9XBH-16RBI

vs. LHP (22ABs): .364/.440/.500, 8K:1BB, 1XBH-4RBI
vs. RHP (107ABs): .168/.195/.308, 34K:3BB, 8XBH-12RBI

Home (61ABs): .148/.161/.279, 26K:0BB, 4XBH-7RBI
Away (68ABs): .250/.303/.397, 16K:4BB, 5XBH-9RBI

Bases Empty (71ABs): .183/.227/.310, 23K:2BB, 4XBH-2RBI
Runners on (58ABs): .224/.254/.379, 19K:2BB, 5XBH-14RBI
w/RISP (37ABs): .135/.150/.189, 14K:1BB, 2XBH-9RBI

June (13ABs): .231/.333/.308, 3K:1BB, 1XBH-4RBI
July (54ABs): .222/.254/.333, 15K:1BB, 3XBH-6RBI
August (59ABs): .153/.180/.271, 24K:2BB, 3XBH-4RBI
September (3ABs): .667/.667/2.000, 0K:0BB, 2XBH-2RBI

Season Total
K/PA rate: 30.4%
XBH/H rate: 34.6%
K:BB ratio: 10.5

Williams made seven errors and allowed eight passed balls in 279 chances (38 games) behind the plate. 42 bases were stolen off of him, and he caught 16 runners for a 28% CS rate.

That was a pretty bad August that Williams endured. He got almost as many extra-base hits in one September game than he did in the whole month of August. Obviously the strikeout percentage and K:BB ratio is going to have to come down.

Citizen Steve, what say you of Bubby Williams?
Intense fellow. Loves baseball, but was overmatched at the plate. He's a positive influence on pitchers, but projected to repeat at Greeneville or head to Tri-City.