Thursday, November 5, 2009

GCL Astros - Carlos Gil

I'm going to try to knock a bunch of these out in the next week, so stay tuned as we wrap up the GCL Astros and move on to the Greeneville Astros. Next up...

Carlos Gil
How did he get here?: Signed contract prior to 2008 season
Stats: 6'4", 175 lbs, Throws: Right
Age as of April 1, 2010: 20

Season line: 1-3, 30.1IP, 7.42 ERA/2.08 WHIP, 25K:20BB, .321 BAA, 1HR


vs. LHB (9.1IP): 9.64 ERA/2.25 WHIP, 7K:8BB, .317 BAA, 1HR
vs. RHB (21IP): 6.43 ERA/2.00 WHIP, 18K:12BB, .323 BAA

Home (18.1IP): 7.36 ERA/2.24 WHIP, 18K:14BB, .329 BAA
Away (12IP): 7.50 ERA/1.83 WHIP, 7K:6BB, .308 BAA

Bases Empty (11.1IP): 2.29 WHIP, 14K:13BB, .260 BAA
Runners on (19IP): 1.95 WHIP, 11K:7BB, .357 BAA
w/RISP (11.2IP): 2.31 WHIP, 9K:5BB, .386 BAA

June (2 games, 4.2IP): 0.00 ERA/1.07 WHIP, 7K:1BB, .211 BAA
July (9 games, 15.2IP): 10.34 ERA/2.36 WHIP, 11K:12BB, .355 BAA
August (6 games, 10IP): 6.30 ERA/1.90 WHIP, 7K:7BB, .308 BAA

K/9 Rate: 7.4
BB/9 Rate: 5.9
Groundout/Flyout Rate: 1.90
K:BB Ratio: 1.25

July was terrible for young Carlos Gil, who is in his second year in the Astros organization. And when we're looking at a sample of 30.1IP, when 15.2 of those innings get away from you, it's going to impact the big picture. There just wasn't a whole lot of improvement from 2008 in the DSL to 2009 in the GCL. Throwing 38IP in 2008, Gil posted a K/9 rate of 5.9 (there's an improvement of 1.5 K/9), but the walk rate rose slightly from 5.7 to 5.9, and Hits/9 rose slightly from 12.6 to 12.8, as well. Gil also hit six batters and threw 10 wild pitches, so combining that with the 20 walks in 30 innings, command should be the order of the off-season.

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