Monday, November 9, 2009

Davidoff's Ten Best GMs

Don't bother. Ed Wade isn't on this list. But here are Ken Davidoff's Top Ten General Managers:

1) Billy Beane, Oakland
2) Larry Beinfest, Florida
3) Theo Epstein, Boston
4) Doug Melvin, Milwaukee
5) Andrew Friedman, Tampa Bay
6) Brian Cashman, New York
7) Dan O'Dowd, Colorado
8) Ken Williams, Chicago White Sox
9) Dave Dombrowski, Detroit
10) Mark Shapiro, Cleveland

Are seven of the ten best GMs in baseball in the American League? And three of them in the AL Central?

Interesting to see Melvin as the lone NL Central rep in the top ten. For a further breakdown of NL Central GMs, head on over to The Crawfish Boxes (with whom AC is beginning a Thaw).