Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bourn named MVP

How do you win the team's MVP award? Look like hell one year, making everyone question whether or not you should be able to even own a bat, much less swing one, and then turn it on in the second year. This is known as Radiohead Syndrome, in which the jump from first effort ("Pablo Honey") to second effort ("The Bends") makes one wonder if you sold your soul to the devil in between.

Regardless, I think everyone is happy with the progression Bourn showed in 2009, and that was rewarded with being officially named Team MVP by the Houston Chapter of the BBWAA.

Bourn is the first center-fielder to win this honor since...Lance Berkman did it in 2002, and is the fourth CF in franchise history to be Team MVP. Cesar Cedeno and Jimmy Wynn are your other two.

Tal Smith, last September:
"I think he's clearly the best center fielder we've had defensively in a long, long time. Cedeno was really something, but Michael has been absolutely outstanding. He's everything we had hoped for and more. I think he responded quickly in what is really his second full season in the Major Leagues."

Other awards:
-Wandy Rodriguez won the team's Pitcher of the Year
-Jeff Fulchino is your team's Rookie of the Year
-Brian Moehler won the Darryl Kile Good Guy Award
-Lance Berkman won the Russell Achievement Award (?)
-Adam Dunn won the Houston-area Major League Player of the Year award