Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baseless speculation

Hey, remember when the Astros went hard after Jon Garland (which hurt Wittle Andy's feewings, and he pissed off back to NY. Which kind of worked out for him.), and ended up trading for Jason Jennings instead (Which didn't work out. For anyone.)?

Well, any of you Jon Garland To Houston fans who might still be around can rejoice: The Dodgers have declined Garland's 2010 option. He was due to make $10m in 2010, but is now entitled to $2.5m from the Diamondbacks, as they're the ones responsible for his 2009 salary AND the 2010 buyout in the event of a declined option.

Will this affect the Astros' off-season? Doubtful, but still interesting to note, regardless...