Friday, November 6, 2009

Astros County turns one year old!

So one year ago today, Astros County was birthed. Some stats on the first year:

37,833 hits with 58,563 page views
2,485 posts (213 dealing with Miguel Tejada)

But first, a question for you (for research purposes):

I'm exercising my blogger option for 2010. Let's do it again, shall we?


street said...

Personally I had presumed you'd be non-tendered, but glad to see you've made it back for another round... Congratulations on year 1, and looking forward to many to come!

[FWIW, didn't get hits on the site in searches(or recognize it as more than mindless drivel, one or the other, maybe both, who knows) until your work on the draft - good stuff.]

The Constable. said...

Funny thing. I had a meeting with Ed Wade, and was initially listed as the blogger to be named later in the Tejada trade, continuing the trend of someone leaving Houston for Baltimore every other year...