Monday, October 12, 2009

Wade called Mills last week

Amy K. Nelson's ESPN report says Ed Wade called Red Sox bench coach Brad Mills to gauge his interest in the managerial opening last week.

Mills said he's already had a conversation with Wade, who was sensitive to the fact that Mills was still trying to do his job while Boston was in the playoffs. Mills told Epstein last week he didn't want to be a distraction or have the situation interfere with his job.

"I told Theo, 'Hey I'm doing my job here.' And Theo said, 'I'm not asking you to shift into that mode. And I hadn't. Because of everything that happened [on Sunday], I hadn't spent much time thinking about it."

What about Mills and Bogar vying for the same job?

"We're excited for each other," Mills said. "Bedsides, being on the same staff together and pulling in one direction -- I have a lot of respect for Tim and the job that he does and I want the best for him. We kind of chuckle and smile and help each other out the best we can because we think that much of each other."

I'm going to go ahead and give Mills the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn't mean to say "Bedsides..."