Monday, October 19, 2009

So that's it. First round, done.

The Astros have completed the 9th and 10th interviews for the open managerial position, with Tim Bogar and Brad Mills. What did the candidates have to say?

“The big thing was that it wasn’t about me. It’s about this organization and making this organization be the best organization it can be. They want a manager that can kind of fit in with this organization to help it get where it wants to be, and be successful not for one or two years but be a continuation of success down the road. And the one thing that I’ve been very fortunate to be involved in was in Boston where we’ve been in the playoffs for five out of the last six years with two World Series championships and losing the last game of the ALCS one year. That type of experience of being able to work with an organization, being able to work with a community, being able to work with departments in the organization, the minor league department, the scouting, whatever we can to help this organization get where it needs to be.”

“You may say I haven’t been a major league manager, but I managed for 11 years in the minor leagues. Six times going to the playoffs with one championship. I’ve coached now for 11 years at the major league level. And I just ran through the last six years in Boston and (worked) with two separate managers when I was a bench coach in Montreal in 2003. There’s things that I was able to learn from everybody that I’ve been with. I think it’s the next step with the experience that I have.”

"I might be a little prejudice, but I think Terry’s one of the best managers in the game today. He’s one of the best managers. One of the reasons he is, is because his work ethic is second to none. He plans and prepares each day with the players. That’s one of the things I’m going to take with him. His knowledge of the game, the way he manages a game, the way he runs a game, the way he works with the press, the way he works in the community and the way he works with the organizations. Those types of things really make him stand out from other guys that I know or I have seen. Those are all traits that I’ve taken from him and learned from him."

Based on what I've read, here would be my top five to bring back for a second round:
1. Bob Melvin
2. Manny Acta
3. Brad Mills
4. Tim Bogar
5. Phil Garner


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