Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rowdy Randy Ready has been grooming himself for this

Of the ten names on Wade's list, the one I was least familiar with was that of Rowdy Randy Ready (nickname mine). The North County Times helps out.

Ready, who played in the majors for 13 seasons, started 2009 in the Padres' organization at Triple-A Portland and replaced San Diego's hitting coach Jim Lefebvre mid-season.

He began his minor-league managerial career in 2002 with Detroit's Single-A franchise.

"It's nice to be wanted. The last two months with the Padres were great. I think the veteran hitters ---- Adrian (Gonzalez) and Kouz (Kevin Kouzmanoff) established themselves. And the young kids stepped up. I think the Padres are in a great position heading into 2010. But I have to pursue this opportunity. I've been grooming myself for a major-league job, and this is a great chance.

There are some good names on Houston's list, though. There are going to be some knowledgeable people in that interview room. It's just a matter of who fits best."