Friday, October 16, 2009

Reactions to Melvin's interview

Bob Melvin's press conference following his interview:

Melvin, on the difference between the 2010 Astros and the 2005 Diamondbacks:
"Probably a little farther along here. We actually had to transition away from some of the veteran guys, the Luis Gonzalezes and Craig Counsells and so forth in Arizona and go to a younger group. I think the year we won in 2007 and we were like 25th in payroll and probably the youngest team in the National League. So a little different obviously in a situation like this when you have some veterans and some really good players. You're probably a little farther along. You're probably a little different in that it was more a of younger core group where as your core group here is more veteran.”

On decisions to be made, should he become manager:
I think there's some decisions to be made. Certainly with some of the players they have on the team, you don't have Lance Berkmans and Roy Oswalts and Carlos Lees and guys like that if you don't think you can win. Now the trick is to mix in your younger players with them and get headed in the right direction early on, gain some momentum and hope to kind of flourish off of that. A good core group here. I think anybody would be lucky in a situation like this.”

On his qualifications:
“I feel experience, one. Two, I've managed a veteran team in Seattle, won 93 games my first year there. Managed a younger group in Arizona. Obviously we got to the Championship Series there. This looks to be a mix of both. Having experience with both of those groups I feel like I'm a good candidate for this one.”

Justice's reaction:
If Bob Melvin gets a second interview when Drayton McLane returns from Europe next week, I have a strong feeling the Astros' owner is going to really, really like Melvin. Melvin is thin, clean cut and has a solid, solid resume. He's managed teams like the Astros are going to become. If the Astros are honest, they have to promise the next manager that they'll be patient and believe in a five-year plan. They're not going to win next year or in 2011. They need a guy who can keep the club respectable and usher in the mix of young players with the veterans.

After the first five press conferences of the Astros' candidates, Melvin appears to really stand out. I would not be shocked if he's the next manager of the Houston Astros.

Brian McTaggart:
5 of 10 Astros managerial candidates have interviewed. Here are my rankings: 1, Melvin. 2, Yost. 3, Clark. 4, Ready. 5, Pedrique.