Thursday, October 1, 2009

On Towles

Towles, who enjoyed his first multi-homer game last night, was jealous of the Phillies:

"I was a little jealous. I wanted to be out there with them. All the hard work they put in paid off, and hopefully one day we can get to where they're at right now."

(Note: what would have happened if Towles had decided to jump the railing and get out on the dogpile? Hilarity.)

On those homers:
"I am getting my confidence back, and Clarkie told me to just go up there and swing the bat and have fun. That's what I was trying to do, to get something I can hit and put a good swing on it. Fortunately, they're starting to drop for me."

Clark, on Towles:
"It was just a matter of time. I've always said this kid can hit. It's just about him really getting that confidence back again. Hopefully with a game like tonight, he'll get that confidence back and he'll get a chance to catch two or there more games before the season is over. It's really good to see him going well."

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