Monday, October 26, 2009

Mills flying to Houston today?

JJO is reporting that managerial candidate Brad Mills will fly to Houston today to meet with the Astros for a third time.

But Uncle Drayton won't get to Houston until tomorrow. Don't count that against Mills, though, says JJO:
McLane says he won't arrive in Houston until Tuesday, which isn't a knock against any of the candidates in town because he wasn't in Houston either when negotiations broke off while Acta was in Houston on Saturday negotiating the offer he turned down of two years plus an option when it was presented by president of baseball operations Tal Smith.

I would like to point out that this is one of the longest sentences you'll ever read in a newspaper. In this sentence, JJO has an .016 punctuation:word count average, with more contractions (3) than punctuation marks (2).

Meanwhile McTaggart is reporting that Mills and Clark will interview again tomorrow at Minute Maid Park.


Ryan Sides said...

lol (for real... everyone in the office looked at me funny)
nice stats
you could be the next Bill James!

Spruce said...

This was a combined Best JJO Post Ever/Best Constable Comment Ever. Quite a feat!

Can they actually give this thing to Clark and think that fans and local media are going to be pleased? At this point, you almost have to give it to the young unknown guy.

Spruce said...

OK, maybe "young" wasn't the word I'm looking for. I just meant that we need fresh faces here if we are going to turn it around.

I wouldn't mind a fresh face in the owner's office at this point.