Monday, October 5, 2009

"Many other special moments?"

If you get the Astros Blast emails, you got an email thanking you for 2009. With the following line:

The 10th season celebration gave us a great opportunity to take a look back at the most exciting decade in club history while the 2009 team made memories of their own. This includes Lance Berkman, Carlos Lee and Pudge Rodriguez making MLB history becoming the first set of three teammates to hit their 300th career home runs in the same season along with many other special moments and milestones.

Many other special moments and milestones? Like what?

-Carlos Lee's drive to break Milton Bradley's 140 Lollygags to first base?
-Tejada's push to break Greg Gagne's 842 GIDPs in one season?
-Mike Hampton's attempt to break Dave Dravecky's Most Godawful Arm Injuries Ever?
-Lance Berkman's fight to break Reggie Jackson's Throwing of Managers Under the Bus?

(come on, I know you've got more. Leave a comment.)