Friday, October 23, 2009

Managerial decision to come soon?

By early next week, according to JJO.

“We’re just trying to think through this. This is really important. Having the right person is so important to be the leader of this team. It’s going to take time. We’ll make a decision in the first part of next week...

...I met with some candidates. Phil Garner is somebody I know intimately. I became very, very close to him. Ed and Tal and Pam (Gardner) and I, part of how we make decisions is to talk things through. Ed and Tal and I know lots and lots of people in baseball. We’re making lots of calls to find out more about these candidates.

Each of these candidates that we’re narrowing it to, we’re making calls on. The three of us are doing that since yesterday and today and tomorrow and over the weekend. We’ll get a lot more input. I have had discussions with Ed and Tal and Pam yesterday. Certainly, we’ll talk about it again today.”

So your three finalists are apparently (in alphabetical order):
Manny Acta
Phil Garner
Brad Mills

Surprising that Dave Clark wouldn't be a part of the conversation, reinforcing my opinion that whomever the players feel comfortable around isn't necessarily the right choice.