Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let the massaging of the other two candidates begin...

Sam Khan, Jr has a great article on the reaction of Phil Garner and Dave Clark. Well, the reaction of Phil Garner, and Drayton's reaction to Clark.

"I'm happy for Brad Mills. It'll be his first managerial job. It's always exciting. It's a terrific opportunity for him and it's a fabulous organization he's coming into. It's one of the things that, when you look back on managerial careers, the ability to be in a good organization is what can help develop you into a great manager. You can be a great manager in a bad organization and not get very far."

Oooohhhh. Did he really say that? If the Chronicle prints it, it must be true. Continue:

"Sure, I'm disappointed. I had put my name in the hat because I felt I fit the criteria they put out there so in the end, yeah, I'm disappointed. In my case it doesn't change my life. I'm headed to the golf course right now and I'm going to play some golf. But I would have looked forward to the challenge. That's why I made the decision to get back into it. If it's not to be then it's not to be - that's OK."

And Drayton on Clark:
"I can't say enough good things about Dave Clark. Dave Clark is going to be a winner. I talked to him on the phone after we made the decision. I told him 'You're going to be a winner, you're going to be a major league manager. The only thing you need is a little more experience at the major league level.' That's the only ingredient that's missing with him. You know, it's just like a great medical student that graduated. He's not ready to go to the operating room. He has to be an intern for three years and get experience. And that's the only ingredient that Dave (needs). We're very anxious for Dave to continue to be with the Houston Astros. He's a winner."

That's a lot of "winner"s.