Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Justice is pissed

You can just hear the stamping of feet. In a pissy blog post entitled, "Astros seem to be making a joke of the interview process," Richard Justice is mad.

If the Astros don't already have a substantive understanding of what the candidates believe, then they haven't been doing their job. To parade 10 men into town for interviews is demeaning...

...Too many people are involved in the interview process. This ought to be about Tal Smith and Ed Wade sitting down and having a serious discussion, then bringing in Drayton McLane to meet their choice.

The second part may be true. But we've known how this managerial search was going to proceed for about a week now. So the time for fit-throwing and talk of being a demeaning process was then, not now. Not after Justice had written about 4,000 words about how Jim Fregosi should have been the next manager.