Friday, October 2, 2009

J.B. MacDonald has a Money publicist

There's a lot of Astros prospect J.B. MacDonald in the news. Here's the local paper has a story on the young pitcher. Some highlights:

-“Over the next five plus months, I will be lifting weights and trying to find a job to save up some money before I go back. I won’t start throwing again until probably January, and from there I will work to get my arm in shape [in order to be] ready for the beginning of March.

“My end of the year meeting with my pitching coach [Gary Ruby] went well, and all he said was that I pitched well this summer, and they were happy with how I played, and the way I went about my business. He wasn’t sure what my role, or even where I’ll be placed as far as next season goes.

“All in all, I’m pleased with all that’s happened so far, and hope to have a similar experience next spring/summer.”