Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is this the fabled article?

This is it? This is the article that was promised us? Surely not. Jose de Jesus' Ortiz' article on the national perception of the Astros, and what we see is this: national baseball writer Jon Heyman, an analyst on the MLB-TV network, has even named his Worst NL Executive award the “Ed Wade Award.” Heyman gave that honor this year to Cubs GM Jim Hendry, whose team finished three spots ahead of the Astros in the NL Central.

“Too bad it can't go to Wade himself, but there are other more deserving candidates this year,” Heyman wrote earlier this month.

That's it. Sure, Tejada has been embarrassing, and we do get a quick look at how 2010 is Ed Wade's final year on his current contract:
With that said, he gives votes of confidence to president of baseball operations Tal Smith, general manager Ed Wade and assistant GMs Dave Gottfried, Ricky Bennett and Bobby Heck.

“Ed has one more year,” McLane said. “That's different from what some think. If people do good work, they're making progress, they're producing, that is no problem. Tal has been with me for 16 years on a one-year deal, and he'll certainly be back next year. ... We've had some problems, and we made some progress last year. It was the latter part of the season that made us have the tumble.”

But that's it. Nothing else really of note. If you tease along a blockbuster column for four days, come through with something more...

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