Thursday, October 8, 2009

I, for one, will be waiting by the phone

Contact with managerial candidates will begin tomorrow, with interviews to commence towards the middle of next week. (I guess that means Terry Francona won't be brought in until after...)

"We're going to start making contact shortly with potential candidates, either directly or go through the permission process. Hopefully, we'll get to the point to schedule interviews in the middle of next week. We'll try to do as many as we can here in Houston, and there may be some situations we have to travel, particularly if a guy is involved in postseason play."

Ten candidates, then?
"I would doubt in the first go-round [of interviews] there would be any more than that. If by some strange occurrence we don't hit our mark on that group, we can always expand it if a name pops up we hadn't anticipated. We can always move in a different direction. Realistically, we may contact some candidates and they'll not have an interest in the job. Right now, the plan is to contact around 10 and try to set schedules."

“I’ve been in Washington at a military conference, but we’ve talked about this on the phone a lot. Ed’s set the parameters, set a process and that's what we’ll do. I am really excited about this process. Several times I’ve been part of this, and this is by and large the most professional, organized and thought-through process that I’ve been a part of.”

I’m going to make contact to people on the list. As guys come in, a day in advance everybody is going to know who’s the candidate coming in. … I think it’s a very solid group. I think there’s a good experience in it. There’s a mix of what you would refer to as veterans along with young managerial candidates. I would be surprised if our selection is not somebody on our initial list. I think we’ve done a thorough investigation on our end and have come up with the right group of guys. My expectation is we’ll end up hiring somebody from this initial list...

...“In the initial round of interviews, the group will meet the baseball ops people. And the hope is to go to the first round with a group of about 10 and whittle that list down to a handful and then put Drayton into that group (of people sitting in on the interview). After we go through that second round, hopefully we’ll be at that point to make the right decision. We’ll try to lay it out in a thoughtful manner.”