Sunday, October 11, 2009

GCL Astros - Pedro Feliz

Utility infielder Pedro Feliz gets the final look at infield for the GCL Astros.

Pedro Feliz
How did he get here?: Signed to a minor league contract prior to 2008 season
Stats: 6'0", 150 lbs, Bats: Right; Throws: Right
Age as of April 1, 2010: 20

Season line: 43 games, 157 PAs. 27x132 - .205/.331/.273 - 7XBH-17RBI. 38K:24BB

vs. LHP (44ABs): .136/.269/.227, 12K:7BB, 3XBH-3RBI
vs. RHP (88ABs): .239/.362/.295, 26K:17BB, 4XBH-14RBI

Home (63ABs): .206/.333/.286, 15K:11BB, 4XBH-5RBI
Away (69ABs): .203/.329/.261, 23K:13BB, 3XBH-12RBI

Runners on (47ABs): .319/.458/.468, 8K:11BB, 6XBH-17RBI
w/RISP (29ABs): .414/.553/.586, 5K:8BB, 4XBH-16RBI

June (7ABs): .000/.125/.000, 4K:1BB, 0XBH-0RBI
July (63ABs): .238/.333/.317, 14K:9BB, 4XBH-12RBI
August (62ABs): .194/.351/.258, 20K:14BB, 3XBH-5RBI

K/PA rate: 17.7%
XBH/H rate: 25.9%
K:BB ratio: 1.58

Happy Pete played mostly at 3B (20 games) and 2B (27 games) this season, and showed the most range at 2B, with a .922 fielding percentage, committing eight errors in 102 chances.

If you can't teach patience, then Feliz has a leg up on everybody else on the GCL Astros' 2009 team, drawing a team-high 24 walks. One aspect of Feliz' numbers that jump out:

OPS with bases empty: .420
OPS with runners on: .926
OPS with RISP: 1.139

Look for Feliz in Greeneville next season...