Thursday, October 8, 2009

Garner: No matter how long the contract you sign, it's a three-year deal

Having been through this before, Phil Garner offers some nuggets for anyone even thinking of wanting to manage a team under Drayton.

“Find out what the owner's and general manager's expectations are. And then look at the team and see if you can meet the expectations...

...“It's a great organization. It has a great name. (Managerial candidates) might overlook some things because it's a great organization. It's hard (to) because you have to make an honest assessment. You want to be upbeat about the team. You want to believe and you want a GM on a team to know you're upbeat.

And managers basically have three years to impress Drayton:
...“In this town, a new manager gets a first-year honeymoon period. The second year is a bit harder. Then the third is make-or-break, but that's been Drayton's modus operandi. Everybody knows that.”

So what was wrong with the 09 Astros?
“I don't know this team. I saw several games, but I don't really know this team. Strictly speaking as a fan, I felt the weakness was the pitching.”

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