Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clark, Pedrique speak

Some quotes from the first two candidates, Dave Clark and Al Pedrique, as they head into their interviews.

“Let's get it on. I've been anxiously waiting for this day to come. My thing is to go in there and let them know my feelings toward the organization and some of the things I'd like to do when I'm named manager. We need to get back to that winning atmosphere, get back to that winning attitude. We feel there are a lot of kids that are in our minor league system that will be ready to play up here in a couple of years. The current team that we have right now, if we can just hold on — and by hold on I mean keep winning until these guys get here — these guys may be the guys that put us over the hump and keep us on top for many years.”

“I feel very happy for this opportunity the organization is giving me. I'm waiting for my interview at 1:30 p.m. to see what the process will be in the interview and what the questions are and what they want to know about me regarding the organization's philosophy and my philosophy and what chances I have to manage the team. Yeah, I know the system pretty well. The last two years I dealt with the players and dealt with the staff in the minor leagues. It gave me a good feel for our minor league system. Last year as coordinator it gave me a good idea of the players that are in the minor league system.”

Of these two, who has the best chance?

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