Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clark, on his interview

And Brian McTaggart also posted a series of tweets on what Clark said after his interview. In their entirety:

"It went well. You talk about a pressure cooker and being put on the hot seat...It’s going to be a fun atmosphere, it’s going to be a winning atmosphere...I think I’m the right man for the job.

And in more than 140-character bursts from JJO. Clark stressed his communication skills and familiarity with the organization.
"I think that one of my stronger points is communication. I always felt that I was a pretty good communicator. That will definitely be something that I will stress that will come from me and it will come from the coaching staff that will be put in place here because that’s what these players want. That’s what they need. They need to know what’s expected of them. … They need to know on an everyday basis we’re trying to win ballgames."

What about the list of other nine candidates?
“I really didn’t see it. I tried to stay away from it, to be honest with you. At this particular time, this particular moment this was – I don’t like to pat myself or talk about myself that much - but this was about me. Not about anyone else, me being given an opportunity to fulfill a goal, fulfill a dream for me and my family."

His strengths?
"I’ve paid a lot of dues with this organization and in this organization. I can also point out that players like playing for me. We can say that as well. I’m not going to brag on that. Like I said, I don’t solicit players to go to the papers and say the things that they’ve said about that. If they said that, hopefully they’re speaking from their heart. But it’s going to be a fun atmosphere. It’s going to be a winning atmosphere. Like I said earlier, we’re in the transition of getting this team back to prominence. As someone who’s been in the organization and someone who knows the philosophy of the organization, I think I’m that guy."

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