Monday, October 12, 2009

And add Bob Melvin, while you're at it. And Al Pedrique

MyFoxHouston has a report that former Diam'ndbac's manager Bob Melvin has been contacted about the open managerial job in Houston.

"I'm honored to be considered for this job in what I consider to be a great organization that commits to winning every year. In that respect I am very happy."

And add Al Pedrique, as well. Wade:
"I think Al is a tremendous baseball man. I think he'll make an outstanding big league manager. Al is a great asset to the organization."

Whether or not he'll make an outstanding big league manager in Houston remains to be seen.

So to recap, here are you're confirmed managerial candidates (in no particular order):
Bob Melvin
Al Pedrique
Dave Clark
Tim Bogar
Brad Mills
Manny Acta

Jim Fregosi has not been confirmed but is strongly linked to the candidacy.