Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What does Tejada deserve?

JJO has himself a blog post explaining that Miguel Tejada "deserves" to play the last few games of the 2009 season.

Tejada has bought suits, given girl advice, and is apparently an all-around good guy. But what about Manzella?

Some people would rather start to see what Tommy Manzella can do in the majors, and that is completely understandable. Yet, when Miguel Tejada is really the one willing this club to make sure they don't mail it in, well, he needs to remain in the lineup. Tejada will give the final drop of energy he has for his paycheck. And if you've been paying attention to the Astros lately, you know not everybody is doing that.

Did you see the nasty look and shake of the head he gave Lance Berkman Monday night when Berkman refused to slide when he was tagged out at home plate? Tejada knew the play was going to be close and urged his teammate to slide. Berkman didn't and got thrown out.

The games may not mean anything in the standings, but Tejada knows he owes it to you Astros fans and to Drayton McLane to play hard. As Dave Clark said Monday night, if you have a young player wanting to see how to play in the majors, have him look at Miguel Tejada.

Oh, and of course, JJO would resign Tejada to play third base, The Astros need his presence in the clubhouse more than you'll ever know.

I almost forgot how much knowledge JJO has. He has forgotten more than we could ever learn. We, as readers, sit and bathe in the sunlight of his favor.

This sounds like it's right out of a Chris Rock skit ("You're not supposed to beat your kids!" You're supposed to play hard every game.) Still, just because Berkman is playing like he'd rather be anywhere else doesn't mean Tejada deserves to be resigned. Tejada might as well play the last six games of the season, because we're not going to find anything out about how Manzella can play now. If the Astros weren't already committed to $3.8 billion in payroll for 2010 (approximately), maybe. But they've been hamstrung by bad contracts, and Tejada in 2010 would be a bad contract. Anything beyond would be a disaster. So what does Tejada "deserve?" Tejada deserves the $13 million he has already been paid, and nothing more.