Monday, September 21, 2009

Wade: Firing Coop now is more convenient

Seriously! He said it!

"I thought it was going to be awkward to go all the way to the end of the season, come back from New York [following the final game] and make a move. I think the practicality of it didn't make sense to me, and the fact we can put Dave in place, we can have a different set of circumstances working for two weeks. Albeit a short period of time, but we may find some things out and hopefully this creates a spark and gets us on a run so we can finish on a high note."

Wade, on the coaching staff:
"We told them if they felt after the season was over they wanted seek other jobs that they were free to do that. I have great respect for what the coaches have done for us here, but realistically we feel that it's appropriate to give the new manager the ability to evaluate his staff and have some input into its composition."

Wade, on Clark:
"The fact that he's going to have the reins for 13 games is for his advantage from the standpoint of establishing his style. I had a chance to see Dave at the Minor League level before he joined the big league staff, but not nearly enough to make any evaluation. I think it's important for him to put his first foot forward and for us to recognize what he brings to the table in that short period of time, but not to use that as the sole criteria for making a decision. I think we have to be opened-minded. We'll have a list of people we want to talk to and hopefully make the right decision. If it turns out to be Dave, then that's great. But we'll try to make the right decision."

Dave Clark:
"This is really bittersweet for me. I enjoyed my time with Coop, and you hate to see anybody lose their job. He brought me along to be his third-base coach, and here I am replacing him. It's not a real good day for me in that perspective. But the opportunity and chance I'm getting to manage the next two weeks is outstanding."