Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sadler shelved

In the Notes section, we read a number of things. Among those things:

Billy Sadler, whose call-up was dependent on him being healthy in September, has ironically been placed on the DL. Chad Paronto will make his way from the golf course to Milwaukee to replace him.

Sadler has right shoulder scapular dyskinesis, the same issue he had last month when the Astros signed him to a minor league contract and sent him to rehab with their Gulf Coast League team.
Alberto Arias' simulated inning didn't go so well. Said the "dejected Arias:"
“I didn't feel very good. The doctor will check me out again soon, and we'll see what happens.”
Hey, awkward moment with Tejada and Manzella tonight, as it's announced that Manzella will get at least one - maybe two - starts each series at shortstop. What do you think, Miggs?
“When I got to the big leagues, people helped me. That taught me that when a kid like Manzella came up I should help him and give him advice. He's a young player with talent to be in the big leagues and be the future shortstop of this team. My job is to help him if he's going to be my substitute for the future.”

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