Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Profile on Sean Barksdale

Temple Grad and Astros' prospect Sean Barksdale had a nice little write-up in the local paper, following surgery on a torn meniscus.

Barksdale, on Draft Day - specifically, the 38th round:
“I was biting my nails hoping someone would take me until I got picked. The Astros called me right after I saw my name. It was exciting. I didn’t care about the round. I didn’t care what round I was chosen in or with what pick. I didn’t care about the team. As a senior, you have no leverage. I just wanted to play. I knew I was signing right away.”

What's it like, going from college to the minors?
“It’s like extended college, and not just because of the food. You’re living on your own. You’re traveling for games, though the bus rides aren’t too bad for the New York-Penn League because the longest trips are from New York to Maryland or Massachusetts. You’re living in an apartment with two or three other guys. The game’s just faster, and everyone here is as good as you or better. It’s about development, not necessarily about the numbers.”

Temple coach Rob Valli:
“It’s easier to get drafted than it is to get to the Big Leagues. The toughest thing is the fact that for the first time in your career, you don’t get to play every day. The teams rotate their lineups and play different people in different games because they’re not necessarily concerned with winning games. They’re trying to develop young players. But Sean has the mental toughness to handle his injury and the grind of a Minor League season, and he can put together some big numbers.”

How's that knee?
“It’s a little sore right now, but I’m recovering. I still don’t really know how I injured it. I was just warming up before a game, and it locked on me. But the doctors said there’s no way I tore it that day, that it had to have torn before then. Once I’ve recovered, I’ll go work out and go hit with the guys at Temple.”

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