Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our problem is that we win too much

It's the same linked article as the previous post. But Drayton tells us our problem:

"Part of our problem is that we've become accustomed to winning, this franchise has. But isn't it true that almost every college team, high school team, pro team, they go through cycles. Nobody wins all the time."

And Ed Wade says the manager really doesn't matter much to fans, anyway:
"Anybody who follows baseball is fickle. You have to be. In a 162-game season, we all have a chance to fall in and out of love with teams and players and favorites. We live in the highs and lows. We recognize that. I don't think anybody buys a ticket to watch the manager manage or the third-base coach wave baserunners home. They come to see the players. Talent rules the day, and performance rules the day...

...Some of the most successful clubs in baseball history were ones where they absolutely hated the manager and the manager was the antithesis of the type of person they wanted to hang around. Other clubs couldn't give enough hugs to managers who went home every September (rather than to the playoffs)."

Berkman, however, makes it personal:
"The bottom line is that we didn't get it done on the field,” Berkman said. “I feel personally responsible for it. It's not a fun day."

No, it's not a fun day, and yes, Lance, you should feel some responsibility for this.