Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Manzella/Johnson stat splits

Kevin commented on an earlier post asking about the monthly splits for Johnson and Manzella. Ask, and ye shall receive...

Tommy Manzella (.289/.339/.417)
April (78 ABs): .244/.280/.321, 12K:4BB
May (124 ABs): .339/.397/.492, 23K:11BB
June (110 ABs): .227/.274/.262, 24K:7BB
July (96 ABs): .281/.337/.479, 18K:8BB
August (98 ABs): .337/.374/.459, 19K:7BB
September (24 ABs): .292/.370/.625, 3K:3BB

Pre All-Star Break: .271/.325/.369, 64K:27BB, 25 of 94 hits for extra bases (26.6%)
Post-ASB: .322/.364/.508, 35K:13BB, 20 of 59 hits for extra bases (33.9%)

vs LHP: .240/.286/.387, 21K:10BB
vs RHP: .308/.359/.429, 78K:30BB

Chris Johnson (.281/.323/.461)
April (7 ABs): .000/.111/.000, 3K:1BB
May (54 ABs): .296/.291/.389, 13K:0BB
June (104 ABs): .279/.299/.462, 24K:3BB
July (82 ABs): .220/.312/.354, 30K:10BB
August (108 ABs): .333/.376/.620, 13K:7BB
September (29 ABs): .310/.355/.414, 7K:1BB

Pre-ASB: .272/.297/.411, 50K:7BB, 30.9% XBR (extra-base rate)
Post-ASB: .291/.350/.516, 40K:14BB, 39.6% XBR

Johnson done got his hand broke in the fourth game of the season, and missed out on about 140 ABs, and it showed, though he came back pretty strong in May. He took off in August, killing the ball, and his K:BB rates were more in line for a person who has the gift of sight (get it? I was implying he was blind. Ha!). Because he started out the season with 40 strikeouts, compared to four walks.


Kevin said...

WOW! Thanks for doing that! Where else can you get feedback like that? I hope this webpage gets tons of traffic because it deserves it, though I rarely see anyone comment...
Those post ASB numbers look promising as they are trending positively. Hopefully one of those guys can suprise some people this month. I like the reduction in K's and that they are driving the ball for XBH's (not just singles hitters).
At least we are getting more than Reggie Abercrombie and Jason Smith as callups, right?!?!

The Constable. said...


No problem - thanks for reading. I agree, both players are finishing strong, and hopefully they can parlay it into some success next year. I think J.R. Towles may have ruined the perception of a great September Call-Up for Astros fans, but it's still fun to watch.