Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Manzella learning from Tejada

Astros Notes column today talks about how Manzella is learning from Tejada this month. The Astros have apparently asked for adjoining lockers for Manzella and Tejada.

“I just try to pay attention to just little things that (Tejada) does. You don't really want to mimic your game after anybody. I'm a pretty firm believer that you grew up playing a certain way, and that's probably a large reason why you're successful. You don't really want to make any major changes to what makes you a good player. But I think there's a lot of little things you can learn from Miggy and watching players like Jimmy Rollins, who is right there on the other side of the field. Miggy's a real open guy, always willing to share information and just toss ideas around and not really forcing any ideas on you but just giving you a lot of good things to think about. Any information he wants to give me I definitely will keep in mind.”

“I always try to teach them what I do well. I've always concerned myself with trying to help younger players. I do it because when I got to the majors I got a chance to play with a team where there were a lot of good players with good hearts. They did it for me and I have to do it for the youngsters.”
And Ed Wade hasn't really started the managerial search yet, so you still have time to get your references in order:
“We really haven't done anything of consequence. We're still having internal discussions, which are a little bit disjointed with us being on the road. I would assume at this point that nothing of consequence will occur until the season is over. Most if not all the people that we would consider on the first list of candidates would require us to ask permission to talk to them. It's something that could stretch out into postseason. We haven't really formalized our approach yet, but we will.”