Friday, September 11, 2009

Keppinger still out, Johnson still in

Jeff Keppinger is surprised that it has taken so long to get his back worked out:

“I didn't think it would take this long. I thought maybe it would be two days, but we have a lot of guys here now. So instead of trying to push it and get out there it's better to take an extra day to make sure it's right so it doesn't happen again...

...I still hadn't tried to run yet. Running was the main thing that was bothering me in the game that I came out of when I hurt it. It was mostly the pounding that sent little jolts in my back. To try to go out there and run I still felt it. So talking to Nate, the best thing he said to do was to take an extra day. It keeps getting better and better every day, so one more day is probably the best thing for it.”

“He's not ready to go yet. He swung the bat yesterday and felt fine swinging the bat. You have to run the bases.”

Can I make the obvious joke that is begging and panting to be made here? Okay. Here it is...

Not the Astros. They do a lot of swinging the bat without running the bases.

Okay, thanks.
This obviously opened the door for Chris Johnson, who was 1x4 last night.

“It is exciting. I'm glad because of (Wednesday) night. I just wanted to get out there and start playing again and get all these nerves out of the way. That's the best way, I think. I'm anxious to play today. Yesterday I was nervous to play. Today I'm just anxious to get out there. It is baseball. I think it's the big leagues. So mentally it's a little different, but it's the same game.”
Wandy gave an update on his fatigued shoulder, indicating that he's fine and will make his next start:
“I'm fine. I don't have any pain. I just didn't feel much strength on my pitches (after the seventh inning Wednesday). I'm fine. I'm cool. I'm a bit tired, but it's nothing out of the ordinary. The important thing is that I'm fine and I'll make my next start.”
Alberto Arias will be throwing a bullpen today for the first time since hitting the DL on August 24.
Parting shot: If Tommy Manzella doesn't get the start tonight in place of Tejada, who grounded into three double plays last night, I'm clubbing a baby seal.

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