Thursday, September 3, 2009

Justice: Someone should get axed today

New post from Justice on the off-day:

The Astros have Thursday off, and if Drayton is going to fire someone, it's probably going to happen today. I keep thinking he'll do something to put a little juice in these final 16 home games.

This guy has fired more managers, general managers and coaches the last five years than any other owner in baseball, so it's not like he's philosophically opposed to finding someone to hold accountable.

Memo to staff: If Drayton calls a staff meeting Thursday morning, don't anyone raise their hand...

...Drayton would be justified in firing anyone. When a team has a real high payroll and a real bad record, everyone should be vulnerable...

...This is four straight years out of the playoffs, and while the Astros may not have bottomed out, they have to be close. It just can't get much worse than this.

Now that's actually true. I don't know if anyone is getting the can today, but should someone get fired? I've been flip-flopping all year on this, and as of now I say yes. The Brewers fired Ned Yost in the 6th inning of G162 (that's not true, but you know what I mean.)