Friday, September 4, 2009

J.B. MacDonald likes playing baseball

Profile on J.B. MacDonald, Tri-City closer and NYPL All-Star:

"It was a great honor, and the [New York-Penn] league had a lot for us to do over the two-day event. I was one of 10 pitchers selected as an all-star, and I was able to pitch two-thirds of an inning retiring both batters that I faced on just three pitches — one on a liner and one on a grounder to shortstop. I feel pretty good and pretty confident right now."

So what will happen this off-season?
Macdonald should be back in town sometime after the Sept. 6 finale. He has no plans to play fall or winter ball; he just wants to relax for a while and rest up, so that he’ll be fresh for spring training next February.

“I’m certainly happy with the way things have been going so far,” he said.