Friday, September 25, 2009

Ed Wade talks in generalities

Richard Justice's article this morning discusses how Ed Wade will learn from the past to plan for the future (which, one who was a history major, pleases me).

Oh, and Justice also says that Easy Eddie and Tall Tal (I have no idea if he's tall or not, I just like the sound of it) begain considering to replace Coop before they fired him. Anyhow, Wade presented some of those candidates to Run-DMc on Wednesday:

"We just talked in generalities. But nothing of great consequence took place. I presented some names to (McLane) and Tal. We didn't get a lot of time to talk about it. It was really a first look at things. We'll continue to discuss names going forward. … We're in the process at this point of putting names together and establishing a criteria.”

What is he looking for?
“It's safe to say we would prefer to have a manager who has extensive experience at the minor league level or managerial experience at the major and minor league level. It's important with this selection to bring somebody in who has managerial experience. We're going to end up with a lot of candidates, people expressing interest. It's important for us to focus on guys who meet the criteria that we have set.”

Justice points out that this qualifies Dave Clark and Tim Bogar, who will come with a high recommendation from Terry Francona. But Wade also ends with a note of caution:

“No decision is going to be universally saluted. The exercise isn't to try to find a guy everybody embraces. That's mission impossible. The task is to find the right guy for our club today and the years to come.”